This was our "first" family photo with Joshua and big brother Zachary. It was taken on July 4, 2008.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Big Day!

We had a very big day today. We started off our morning watching a parachute drill on the base. Zachary loved it. He didn't take his eyes off them until they disappeared. Joshua just enjoyed the beautiful day. Joshua got big tonight. He rolled over from his back to his belly and I missed it. He was in his bed and when I came back to get him, he was on his belly, but he did it for us again. Later, I put him in his jumpy in the doorway. He figured out how to actually jump in it today and fell asleep in it tonight. HE'S BIG! It was all the jumping he has been watching Zachary do since birth.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day to Day, Just Having Fun!

These are just some everyday pictures that we had fun with and thought others might enjoy our sweet babies. They are getting so big. Zachary really pays attention to Joshua now. He will play with him in his exersaucer and in the crib. He also loved posing for pictures with him. It is the only time you can get Zach to cooperate for pictures these days. I think they will be good buddies.

Back to the Beach

We went to the beach on the base to take some pictures of the boys playing in the sand. THe water was pretty cold, but they both loved the sand. Beautiful day!

Pumpkin Festival

We had a great time a a Pumpkin Festival in Bradenton, FL. Zachary got to ride a pony and loved it. He threw a little fit when he had to get off. We listened to some country (kids) music in a barn while Zach played a maraca. We went on a hay ride and watched a pumpkin being launched from a cannon. (That was cool.) Both boys played in a pumpkin patch. It was a fun day!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Josh -5 months old

Josh is 5 months old now. It is so hard to believe and he changes daily. He loves to squeal and spit. He loves his exer-saucer and jumpy. He has 2 teeth already and he loves his veggies. Green Beans are his favorites, so far, I think. His is a sweetie! (Zachary loves to get in the bed and play with him.)

Disney's Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom was so much fun! Zachary loved the parade and Joshua slept right through it. Mickey looked right at Zach and waved. He squealed and reached for him. We met Pluto and rode a train and the merry-go-round. Josh rode with Daddy and held on to the bar like a big boy. He got to try his first sucker too. YUMMY! Zachary fed a duck cheeze-its. I think our favorite thing at Magic Kingdom was "It's A Small World". Zachary and Joshua both couldn't get enough of the boat ride, lights, music, and fun characters all around. Both boys took naps in their strollers and sat with Daddy in the shops while Mommy looked around.

Disney's Hollywood Studio

Our day started off at a character breakfast with Jojo, Golliath, Leo, and June. We had a huge buffet breakfast (Although Zachary was too excited to eat. He would rather play with the coffee cups than eat.) and dancing with the characters. The boys met Goofy and saw Pluto again. I think the highlight of the entire weekend was Zachary's excitement over the Playhouse Disney Live on stage. He squealed and jumped around like a crazy man. The play included all his favorites. (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins, Handy Manny, and Tigger and Pooh)