This was our "first" family photo with Joshua and big brother Zachary. It was taken on July 4, 2008.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Josh 7 months

Josh is 7 months old now. He has 4 teeth and started crawling. Daddy was able to see him crawl for the first time via video conference from Qatar. He also sits up big in the big tub. No more baby tub. He BIG!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Joshua's 1st ride

Josh finally got his first ride on the 4 wheeler with daddy on his last day home. Zachary rode too, but he also rode on the Mr. Charles' dune buggy.

Christmas with Daddy

We had a short family Christmas when daddy was home because he wouldn't be with us on Christmas Day. Santa came to see us early to make our Christmas special. The boys made cookies for Santa and had so much fun!


We had a fun, busy Thanksgiving. Daddy came home for the whole week. We went to visit Meemaw Connie and Pawpaw Bear. The boys got to play with their cousins and see the cows and chickens. We later drove back home to have dinner with Mygoo and Paboo.

Joshua 6 months old

Joshua turned six months old and he is busier than ever. He is getting so big!

Final Days in Tampa

Our final days in Tampa were packed. We say the parachuters jump again and we got to meet some of them. We also went back to Disney for 3 more days. We had a great time and got to stay at the military hotel, Shades of Green.